2023 Instagram Reels Algorithm- An All-In-One Guide To Go Viral

2023 Instagram Reels Algorithm- An All-In-One Guide To Go Viral


Nowadays, Instagram Reels is the ruling platform and major source of entertainment. Many people around the world use this place to express their talents and update their daily lives. From famous brands to startup businesses, everyone has turned to Instagram Reels. As it is one of the fastest-evolving social media apps, it isn’t easy to stand out among millions of competitors. 

Also, Instagram constantly updates its algorithm and changes its method to rank the posts on feeds. By understanding how the new Instagram algorithm works, you can easily gain high engagement on Reels. This blog will help you to learn everything about the Reels algorithm in 2023.

The Working Of Instagram Reels Algorithm In 2023

Reels algorithm is a set of Instagram guidelines specifically designed to rank and recommend videos to its users. It solely decides which Reels to appear on the user feed and which shouldn’t. 

You can discover Reels from other influencers, brands, and content creators in two places. First, you can watch the videos on the “Reels tab” on your Instagram home page. Here, you can see numerous clips from different creators which are recommended by the algorithm. Secondly, you can find Reels on the Explore page, along with stories and regular posts. 

Also, algorithms are the primary element to go viral on Instagram. It controls how users watch and interact with your Reels video. It pushes your content to people mainly based on entertainment. Some of the factors considered by the Instagram algorithm to recommend Reels are:

Based on user activity: The Algorithm considers engagement metrics like comments, views, and likes to recommend relevant videos.

Based on the history of interactions: With the data of your past interactions, the algorithm shows content matching your interests. 

Based on Reel info: The visuals, soundtrack, and popularity of a Reel are essential ranking factors. 

Based on the creator: The influential status and fame of the content creator are considered to provide equal opportunity for everyone on the app.

Aspects That Influence 2023 Reels Algorithm

Instagram Reels algorithm takes into account several aspects for ranking and pushing your content on user feeds. High ranking in search results help you get genuine Instagram Reels likes and more recognition. Now let’s see a brief explanation of these factors:

1. Interactions On Your Content

The algorithm analyzes and verifies how well the audience interacts with your Instagram profile. It most likely promotes your Reels videos to those who have already interacted with your post. Therefore, your content will appear to the users searching your account, leaving comments, and connecting with you through DMs. This way, Instagram connects you with users interested in your videos or brand. 

Thus, it’s highly essential to interact with your audience on a regular basis. Along with posting, you need to get more likes on your Instagram Reels and build a community for making algorithms acknowledge your content. Actively engage with your viewers and respond to their comments promptly. 

2. Relevancy Of Your Content

Another important aspect the Reels algorithm considers is your videos’ relevancy. It checks whether your content is relevant to the target audiences. By thoroughly analyzing your Reels and understanding how you made them, the algorithm decides your relevancy. 

The algorithm examines when you post your content and what are the hashtags used in it. The past interactions between you and your viewers are also considered. Additionally, it inspects the soundtracks and frames used in your video. With this information, the Reels algorithm understands the niche of your content. It helps to determine whether you violated any community guidelines or terms of conditions. Also, verify if you made the video in the correct dimensions and used high-resolution images. 

3. Fame

Reels algorithm observes the popularity of your video clips among the audience for recommendation. The main focus is on positive responses, as it indicates that viewers like your content. The Instagram algorithm features Reels with more likes, comments, shares, and views on the Explore page. It also considers various factors to give engagement for beginners on the platform. Therefore, by posting engaging content, you can increase your chances of being successful on Instagram. 

4. Posting Time

The posting time of  Reel videos is vital to make the algorithm push your content to a larger audience. The algorithm looks into this aspect to support and promote the latest videos on the platform. A Reel posted recently has more chances to go viral than month-old ones. 

Also, posting Reels when your audience is active online can boost your content’s reach on Instagram. It helps the algorithm to make your content reach the target audience at a perfect time. 


Instagram Reels is an excellent place for aspiring creators and businesses to enhance their growth. The algorithm is designed in such a way as to give opportunities for every content creator to become famous. It is a primary factor to increase your discoverability on Instagram and reach a broader audience. Mastering the Reels algorithm can quickly drive more engagement on your posts. 

You should understand how the algorithm works to recommend a video to users for planning your Reels strategy. With this insight, you can craft catchy Reels to captivate viewer’s attention and go viral in no time.

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