How To Make More Money On Instagram Reels- 6 Smart Hacks For 2023

How To Make More Money On Instagram Reels- 6 Smart Hacks For 2023


With immense popularity and user-friendly features, Instagram has become one of the leading social media apps. Due to the trend of short video clips, Instagram launched Reels to compete with TikTok. Reels provide excellent opportunities for its users to exhibit their talents and earn money from their creativity. Many people have recently started using this app as a full-time career. 

Crafting and sharing engaging Reels videos increases your follower count and reaches a global audience. This paves the way for you to generate revenue from Instagram and kickstart your career. Now, let’s discuss a few hacks to monetize from the platform in this blog.

6 Smart Hacks To Make Money On Instagram Reels

1. Collaboration With Brands

Collaborating with brands is one of the effective methods to earn money from Instagram Reels. You can quickly get brand collaboration offers if you have a significant following and engaging audience. Research relevant brands on the platform and approach them for partnership opportunities. Brands will offer you money to promote their products or services and bring more audience to their account. When you are a niche-focused account, you have a high chance of getting accepted by the brand. Some brands prefer content creators with their niche-related audience to other users. 

You need to have a robust online presence and active community to attract brands for collaborations. Reels can help you gain high engagement on Instagram and increase your follower count drastically. By leveraging relevant hashtags, keywords, and location tags, you can reach an even wider audience. 

2. Leverage Shoppable Product Tags

Earn money from Reels videos by selling your own products to the audience. If you have an e-commerce store, you can include shoppable product tags on your Reels. This takes your viewers directly to the shop and allows them to buy your products. You can craft numerous Reels about your shop collections and direct people to check them out in the store. 

For instance, you can wear and show various outfits on your videos if you sell clothes. When audiences like any product shown in the Reels, the shoppable tags will let them purchase quickly. As a result, you can easily make money from your content and drive more sales. 

3. Sell Patreon Membership

Encouraging your Instagram followers to join Patreon membership is a great way to make money through Reels. If you have a loyal fan base, you can ask them to follow your Patreon account for exclusive content. You can gain a massive number of comments on your Instagram Reels by consistently posting valuable and relevant videos. 

Then, add your Patreon account’s links to your bio and prompt your audience to join them to watch more exclusive and exciting content. This enables you to form a meaningful connection with your fans along with monetization.

4. Do Affiliate Marketing

You can turn your audience into customers and boost your Instagram post with Reels comments. By joining affiliate programs, you can sell products to your audience and get a commission. First, you must search for reputable affiliate programs in Google and approach them for joining. Then, you will get a link to the products and services for promotion. Just copy the URL and paste it into your Instagram profile bio. If you have 10k followers, you can even share the link on IG stories.

Create fascinating and informative Reels about the products or services you need to promote. Entice your audience to check the products and prompt them to purchase from the link on your bio. This will lead you to earn a commission from the affiliate program. 

5. Post And Share Sponsored Content

Posting sponsored content is the same as brand collaboration, but here, you don’t have to create tailored content for the brand. Brands will approach you and give you ad-like content about their products to post on your account. You can attract brands with a high engagement rate on your Reels videos. 

When brands reach out to you for posting sponsored content, you can negotiate with them for payment.

6. Subscriptions

Using Instagram’s paywall subscription is another technique to monetize and get a never-ending stream of Instagram Reels comments. With this feature, you can lock your content and collect money from viewers to watch it. 

If your followers or audience subscribe to your account, they will get access to exclusive content. Most of the famous influencers use this tactic to generate income from their audience.


Instagram Reels offers various opportunities for content creators to earn income regularly. You can monetize your content as long as you have an engaging community and a decent number of followers. Users can easily make money by becoming influencers or building a solid brand. You can achieve an influential status on Instagram by creating exciting and relevant Reels. This helps you to receive more paid partnerships from brands. 

Additionally, Instagram introduces shoppable tags, enabling you to sell products from your online stores. By offering a subscription and Patreon membership to your follower base, you can make revenue on Instagram.

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